A downloadable game for Windows and Android

Buccaneer Battlers is a pirate themed turn-based tactics game for Android. Fight battles, upgrade your fleet and explore!

This is a student project completed by the Fairy Penguin Games team while studying at SAE. It was created in Unity along with the Turn Based Strategy Framework. This game is not monetised in any way, all advertisements and transactions are proof of concept only. 

The monetisation (including advertising) is turned off as of build version 1.2.


Project Lead: Mathew Palumbo

Lead Programmer: @SoulessVagabond  (https://soulessvagabond.itch.io/)

Marketing Lead & Programming: Blake Shortland

Pixel Art: Stephen Oineza, Amy Strickland

Audio Design & Programming: Remi Piercy

Music & SFX: Joe Beresford, Anthony Donaldson

Environment Art: Connie Tan

Additional Audio (sourced under Creative Commons):

Kayyy, CKiiDD, JoelAudio, Pogmog, Kevin MacLeod


BuccaneerBattlers (Android v1.1.1.1.apk) 68 MB
BuccaneerBattlers_x64.exe 46 MB
BuccaneerBattlers_x32.exe 44 MB

Install instructions

This game is intended for Android only. The Android download link will download an .apk file which you may need to give permission in order to install. 

We have added Windows builds to give more options for playing, however this is not how the game was intended to be experienced.

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